Ecosystem for supplying companies with Tech-Experts


Discover and validate the optimal direction of company growth in case of joining the market of SaaS solutions for HR managers

7 members
Business Designer and Facilitator
6 months


For discovering Expertlead future product strategy, We have organised a cross-functional team of Expertlead product managers, business developers and tech leads. My role was in introducing the Design Thinking approach to the team members, plan study process and guiding them through it.

Disovered and analysed

— Investors and stakeholders business goals;
— Possible audience and their demands (14 user interviews);
— Level of competition in different market segments (market research).

The fragment of the guideline was created for the study team.


— Main pain points and needs of our possible users;
— The less covered areas in the market of SaaS solutions for hiring tech experts;
— The possible solutions we can offer to users;
— Expertlead capacity for 2021-2022 in developing these solutions;
— New business model which can support old services together with SaaS products.

The optimal ecosystem in case Expertlead will join SaaS market.


— User Journey through new SaaS product;
— Wireframes structure for the product;
— Mockups and prototype.


— We have tested the main idea and the prototype with eight uses;
— The 90% user feedback was positive. Other comments were collected and processed.

The user journey for the new SaaS product


— The structure and documentation for the study;
— The Future Expertlead Ecosystem model and plan of its implementation for all domains;
— Design process documentation;
— Validated prototype of SaaS product.

The prototype of the SaaS solution


The new business model will increase the Expertlead revenue with minimum investments because It is mostly based on existing tools and services. The New SaaS product, we have prototyped, will also be used as an internal tool for improving the collaboration between sales and supply teams and increasing the efficiency of existing services. In the meanwhile, It creates a risk-free opportunity for Expertlead to try new areas and markets and extend their influence from the freelance tech community to the general tech community in Europe.